Why you should take this opportunity to invest in real estate

Major cities are not the only ones from which real estate businesses reap the benefits. Places which are of strategic importance can be the ones to yield huge returns on real estate investments. In this case, lot of promotion campaigns in the form of content marketing is required to bring international investments to the forefront. Check out the content of the Parramatta Square website, however, and you might not need to work hard on marketing.

Understanding the lucrative real estate business

Making investments in real estates and properties have long been the most lucrative industries to help manifold the rate of returns on your investments.  Investment opportunities in the international real estate business have been immense, but one is required to be judgemental while selecting the right property market to invest in, or else it may end up in low returns or huge losses.  Some of the major factors that determine the attractiveness of real estate markets are affordability, growth in wages and appreciation in property values.

Australian real estate market is an exception as it has seen some sprawling projects come up in and around the major cities like Sydney and Melbourne.  Sydney’s suburban areas and other adjoining counties have undergone some major developments over the years, especially since 2019.  Real estate businesses have benefitted immensely from these activities and have concentrated mainly on adjoining areas of the major cities.

Real Estate Boom in City of Parramatta

Being the satellite city of Sydney, many government and major private establishments have set up offices in the city of Parramatta.  It has been said that Parramatta has the lowest vacancy rate in terms of office space in the whole of Australia.  In an attempt to provide more office spaces, real estate developers have come up with some major projects in Parramatta city, some of which are in the finishing phase.  One such massive project to come up in the area is the Parramatta Square project.

The content on the Parramatta Square project design reveals a colossal $3.2 billion project, boasts of 4 massive towers with an estimated office space of 240,000 square meters, and in all probability will be the biggest office tower in Australia. Nearly 80% to 85% of the office space is already leased out even before the completion of the project.  One of the plus points of this project is the fact that it is located within the central business district area.

To sum it up

To make things short, this is the exact time to invest in real estate business and reap the benefits when some other core sectors are on the decline.  More and more prominent real estate developers are coming up with huge projects in Parramatta City thanks to the multibillion Parramatta Square project.  Explore the new horizons of the real estate business.  Townships such as the Parramatta Square, which include besides the towers, parks, cultural centres, world-class fitness facilities, shopping facilities apart from a business-friendly environment, lead to the development of a satellite city into a major urban centre.

Detailed content about Parramatta Square project, developed by Walker Corporation, can be had from the site address: https://www.psq.com.au/.