Volunteering from the Heart: Reasons to Lead a Noble, Volunteering Life

Even though volunteer work is among the tasks most volunteers find fulfilling, it comes with some challenges. However, it’s good to know that nothing fights most volunteer challenges better than motivation. Most of those who volunteer in different countries through Involvement Volunteers International can confirm this. When a volunteer is motivated, they can dedicate their resources and time in situations that some other people would find tricky. The person leading a team of volunteer could be the right person to fight any discouragement that may crop up in any of the volunteers. The best way to go about it is by giving inspirational and motivational statements every morning before volunteers prepare for the next task. Here is what the leader should often tell the volunteers they are leading:

What you have and do is valuable to someone else

If volunteers were expecting “back pats” or appreciation from everyone they serve, they would lose morale before they are half-way the journey. Some of the people you go to help would never recognize your efforts in relation to your expectations. Some would never say “thank you” for what you sacrifice dearly for them. However, knowing that someone benefited from what you did or gave even if they never appreciated, should keep you motivated to do it even more. This is something that most Involvement Volunteers International organizations always remind those who volunteer through them.

True service is what makes someone great

Most people live with and believe what is untrue. You don’t become great through recognition from others. The ticket to greatness is the attitude you have towards service. Servicing others doesn’t mean you are the least of all. It simply means you are the greatest but passionate and concerned about others. If all Fiji volunteers understood this, they would still smile when things don’t work their way in their efforts to help others.

It’s the heart you need, not time

The most “genuine” excuse most people give for not participating in volunteer work such as in turtle conservation is a limited time. Some people say it’s not possible to volunteer before they are through with their university or college studies. Others say all their family-related activities are extremely significant to occupy most of their holiday time, thus, finding no time to volunteer. While this could sound true and reasonable, the truth is that volunteer work requires a ‘heart’ more than time. Having a heart of a volunteer means being mindful of what others want from you first then the time you need for your affairs last.

Volunteers make a life, not a living

It’s known that people make a living out of what they get from their businesses, careers and employment opportunities. However, one makes a life out of what they cheerfully and willingly give. In this context, giving outwits getting. Most of those who grasp the volunteer opportunities that the Involvement Volunteers International offers, don’t give out of their abundance, but of their small acts of kindness.

In conclusion, true leadership means steering the ship for others and not riding on the ship while others steer it. Anyone leading a team of volunteers including those in Fiji volunteering should know the different motivational dynamics they should have for those their team of volunteers. Every volunteer would have the strength to volunteer the next day if their leader always tells them what has been discussed in this article.

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