Your First Horse Riding Experience!

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Horse-riding is one of the most exciting activities that you could turn into a fulfilling pastime. However, unlike other hobbies like reading or writing, you have a bit of learning to do to master the skill of mounting and riding horses. There are amazing places offering horse rides Victoria has where you could learn the skills involved in handling horses if you are intent on being an avid rider.

No doubt, if you have always looked forward to learning how to ride, you will be full of anticipation for your first ever Victoria horse rides. No need to fret though; enterprises that give horse riding lessons have appropriate equipment and personnel to ensure that your first exercise is as stress-free as possible.

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To make things even easier on you, there are a few points you should bear in mind when preparing for your first ride:

1. Most companies offering horse rides Victoria, Australia has will usually provide the right gear you need but it’s good to be armed with your own!

Look for the right pair of shoes for a ride. While trainers may be appealing for a ride, shoes with a slight heel are more practical; you do not want your feet slipping out of the stirrup! You will also need a hat and a comfortable pair of jodhpurs or leggings. Jeans are a no-no when riding a horse as they can get rather uncomfortable. The leggings or jodhpurs are best paired with a polo shirt or regular tees. Find a nice pair of gloves to complete your look!

2. You may need to work on your fitness prior to the start of riding lessons!

Contrary to what many people may think, before you find horse rides Victoria has where you can get lessons, it is important to work on your fitness. Your body needs a certain degree of strength and agility to be able to control the horse and keep your balance while mounted on it. As you become more experienced in riding, you will appreciate the importance of keeping fit if you wish to be a frequent rider.

3. You will certainly be introduced to your horse or pony before everything else!

For the first of your horse rides Victoria has today, it is almost obvious that you will need to know your horse. This is usually a short introduction that may involve cuddles and a few tips on how to keep yourself and the horse safe when riding.

4. Your first, real, horse riding lesson!

Aside from the tips on how to handle your pony, the first practical lesson is likely to involve leading the horse by the reins. Obviously, there is little you can do with the horse if you do not know how to make it move! Depending on your progress, you might just be taken through lunges on the first day as well!

Well, the most important thing as you head out to your first horse rides Victoria experience is to take everything easy and remember to have fun. In no time, you will be able to cover long distances alone!

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