3 Reasons Why Hiring a Beach Tent Is a Good Holiday Decision to Make

One of the benefits you get whenever you head out to a Sunshine Coast beach is psychological relaxation. Simply getting away from your everyday life for a while helps you feel relaxed, but this only happens when the environment at the beach is truly relaxing. This is what hiring a beach tent and the pieces of equipment that come with it does for you. You can browse around here for the things that you wil need.

Using a beach tent or shade offers you and your family plenty of benefits. Below are just a few of them.

Protection from UV rays

When too much, ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is present in the sunlight is one of the environmental carcinogens humans should avoid. Many beaches are in high UV index areas, and one of the commonest risks associated with spending a day at these beaches is sunburn, which makes it critical to plan for appropriate sun protection before heading out.

Babies and young kids are especially vulnerable to sunburn due to their extra sensitive skin. While wearing sunscreen is a good way of protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful effects, it tends to wash off and protection eventually wears off during use.

A beach tent, especially one with UV-treated fabriccan provide you with additional protection from these harmful rays. Some fabrics offer protection of up to UPF 50+, which means that only 2 per cent of UV rays pass through into the tent. As you browse around here, you will find that some tents have a forward-facing roof overhang that creates a large protective shade footprint to offer maximum shade to your family.

Increased child safety

A beach tent offers extra benefits, like improving your child’s safety while at the beach. The interiors provide a safe environment for babies, away from sand that could end up in their eyes or they could ingest. Furthermore, your baby can take a much-needed break inside the tent for a nap, cuddle, or some snacks, while protected from the abrasive sand and hot sun.

Older children find bright-coloured tents attractive and visual anchors that help them find their way to you while exploring the beach. While choosing a beach tent rental, ensure you choose one that is easy to spot, whether the beach is crowded or not.

Increased privacy

Beach tents are designed to provide you with an extra level of privacy even on a public beach. This is especially an important feature for families who require a secluded spot for diaper changes, nursing, or changing clothes, without leaving the beach. Some tents are fitted with zippered front doors that are easy to close for complete privacy, while a tall centre height provides plenty of space for the mother to sit comfortably and nurse or for a standing kid to change clothes in complete privacy.

Hire Choice offers you easy-to-hire beach tents that support all-day excursions on the beach for families of just about any size or a group of friends. Browse around here and find a model and design that is perfect for your needs today and get ready for the next great seaside holiday.